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These are some of my recent patterns the first one a crochet t-shirt, is a very nice airy top which comes pictured in a larger size, to put an end to the rumor that I only design for size 8's.  (Has anyone noticed I'm far from size 8?!).  The next picture is of a pineapple shawl, it's written in such a way that you can use any weight of thread or yarn desired to complete the project.  Here is a picture of my dolls as well. These are patterns that can be purchased or you may order the finished article.  I have quite a few more patterns and will add them as soon as I can.  Click on pictures for a better view.

crot-shirt.JPG (104647 bytes) Crochet Relief Shell T-Shirt

  pineshawl.JPG (90048 bytes) Pineapple Shawl

Syndee Dolls

    Please email me for more details. 


needles and yarn


three balls of yarnthree balls of yarnthree balls of yarn

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